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Monday, December 6, 2021

This is a letter to our friends –

Prophesy and encouragement
(2nd post)
Apparently some of these e-mail posts failed the first time.

Many of you will remember Jonathon Cahn who wrote “The Harbinger” a few years back. Recently, he gave an updated prophesy in association with Mike Lindell’s www.Frankspeech.com Report. I encourage you to listen to it. – –

https://frankspeech.com/tv/video/pastor-jonathan-cahn-joins-frankspeech-than ks-thon-special-message-america-and-americans

I choose to be optimistic. If anything be true, honest, just, pure and lovely, I am focused upon these things. They are as “real” as are the things presented to me in today’s news broadcasts! What profit is there in thinking America is going to fail? Where is the encouragement in that? Rather, I choose to believe that God will honor the prayers and faith of those who believe He can heal our land.

Some choose to raise the draw bridge and hunker down in the citadel waiting for Christ and His calvary to come charging over the hill and rescue us. I choose to lower the drawbridge and charge over it, trusting that I will have all that I need when I need it!

I am concerned when I hear people speak of the “sure thing results” in the next election. They are the same folks who ignore the evidence and believe that Gov. Newsome won the California recall. They don’t see that the establishment threw us a reassuring bone in the recent Virginia election.

Please understand this – Until the computer fraud of November 2020 (and likely years earlier) is corrected, there can be no confidence in election results. The sound documentation and proposed fixes are available for those who will get off their comfort zones and read. Invest the time to browse the data on www.Frankspeech.com. Listen to the “Lindell Report” (noon & 7pm eastern) whenever you can.

Side with those who say my views are “unfounded” and “dangerous” and you will help destroy our “light on a hill!” Do the homework, for yourself and your family. Gain confidence in what you learn and begin pushing back! Too many of us have begun depending on other s to do our thinking for us.

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