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“PAS’SION, n […, to suffer] …

3. Suffering, emphatically, the last suffering of the Savior.

To whom also he showed himself alive after his passion, by many infallible proofs. Acts 1” [Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of The English Language]

It is my honor to be associated with a family in Alabama, the Flesher’s.

Listening to the attached clips from a Passion Play will make the ideal Easter blog post.


For the last three nights, we have watched the Mobile Passion Play. Tessa played with the orchestra. I wish you could have been there. The majority of the performers were students from University of Mobile, the Christian college Tessa plans to attend. The entire performance was breathtaking in terms of musicality, but it was the light of Christ shining through the students that moved every person in the audience. Playing with them inspired Tessa. They and the Lord working through them to bring the lost to Christ are reality.


P.S. The links are to three of the songs use in the play – Mary’s song when she learns she is carrying the Savior, the song of the man healed from demons (short ad at the beginning, sorry), and the song of the thief on the cross.




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