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Imagine! From two parents and four children comes 20 grandchildren (two in the womb). “Praise God from who all blessings flow.” So read a card from James and Barbara Rose, Master teachers with ACH Study Groups. The Gilmores (Ben and Fran) aren’t nearly that productive – but – we are no less proud of the brood with which the Lord has blessed us.

This Christmas season, please gather as much of your family as you can and thank God for each of them. Then “love on them” as much as you can. Recent tragedies remind us that there may not be a “tomorrow.”

In that regard – I hear few “experts” discussing what I believe to be the root problem in our schools – and – our society. Rebellion against righteousness may be directly associated with the removal of prayer in our schools, then in our society in general.

When I was a kid, I knew that there was a “God” who could see me when I was all alone. That activated my conscience and usually slowed down my misbehavior. Our public school system has officially come out against any endorsement or teaching about a standard of right and wrong, much less conscience and a loving Lord.

If society in general, and school faculty in particular, don’t acknowledge Christian principles, how can we expect the students to have a legitimate standard of behavior? Perhaps – Had we not taken acknowledgement of the God of the Bible out of our schools, those children in Connecticut would be at home with their parents.

I have written about it before and I will again. — Parent of a school-age child – You are not being honest with yourself to rationalize, “My child’s teachers and government school are different.” There is real evil in the world. Today’s American government is awash in corruption, graft, lies — . Our school system has succeeded in dumbing down several generations of our society.

You have your kids home for the holidays. Wonderful! Love on them. Then keep them home in January. Take them out of the government “education” system – NOW! God has given you responsibility for them. He is able to make a way! Just do it!

I believe that will enhance the rest of the greeting —


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A Thinking Man’s Christmas Story

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Everyone is writing Christmas posts these days. Here’s mine –


A concern – If you are one of those folks who haven’t paused to recognize that – the product shows attributes of the producer – Then do so! You can study a painting and discover things about the artist. Many have recognized that you can tell things about the software designer by working with his product. There must be an intelligent First Cause to produce intelligent design.

That First Cause has provided everything you need for life. Therefore – the First Cause is concerned for you (i.e. – has a personality). Reason and observation indicate your obligation to the First Cause. Your human nature wants to be “first.” Thus – you are holding under what you know to be true and reasonable.


A challenge – Overrule your human nature and acknowledge your obligation to the First Cause. Begin learning about His being and personality. Honestly study what He has produced. The “laws of Nature” may be discovered by observation and reason. The “laws of Nature’s God” may better be found in the Holy Scriptures. (NOTE – The divine inspiration of the Old and New Testament may also be discovered by observation and reason.)


An encouragement – Having discovered that God exists and has an awesome being and a loving personality – and – Having subordinated your personal will and appetite to your reason and submitted your reason to God – You are prepared to comprehend the beauty of the “Christmas Story.”

Since every selfish choice is a violation of the “laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” – and – since you have made such choices –You have violated the law! A penalty is due. Since everyone else has also violated the law – no one is innocent. Were there such a person, s/he could, if willing, pay the penalty in your place.

History proves there is such a person, volunteering to pay your penalty. The problem – Selfish people want to reject, deny, hold under, knowledge about Him and the truth of His accomplishments. Jesus the Christ lived an ordinary life. He illustrated for all mankind, how each of us should live – but – He never made a selfish choice. His most unselfish choice was to volunteer to pay the penalty for every selfish choice made by others.

It would be unwise to dismiss the selfish choices of those continuing to do so. Thus, His substitution for your penalty rests upon your decision to repent, ask for mercy rather than justice – and – submit your reason, will and appetite to His will.

Such a decision – accepting the rightful lordship of Jesus Christ over your will and appetite – is called, “being born again – spiritually.”


That is why we celebrate Christ’s birthday all around the world!

John Locke [1632 – 1704] was asked how a young gentleman could attain a true knowledge of the Christian religion. He replied with these golden words: “Let him study the Holy Scriptures, especially the New Testament. Therein are contained the words of eternal life. It has God for its Author, Salvation for its end, and Truth without any mixture of error for its matter.

Merry Christmas

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