2013-09-24 Crez filibuster has begun

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September 24, 2013

This is a letter to our friends –

Sen. Cruz’ filibuster has begun

If you are interested in the impact your calls and e-mails are having in “rocking the boat” in Washington, D.C. then tune in for a while and listen to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) as he holds the floor, “Until I can not stand anymore!” Link live through www.DontFundObamacare.com

Many are confused by the mechanics and the conflicting claims, statements, and opinions. The enemies of limited government want it that way. I doubt anyone can sort it all out easily for us. Here is my take (below).

Bottom line – I suggest following Sen. Mike Lee, Sen. Ted Cruz as they buck “moderate” Republican leaders who are frantically waving white flags of “surrender before the fight”.

We the people” have made it clear, we do not want the current Obamacare bill. Your pressure on the House Republicans was so strong that they took their “moderate” leader, John Boehner, into the back room last week and forced him to do what the people want. The House passed a continuing resolution (CR) that funds everything the Democrats want EXCEPT Obamacare. Now Cruz and Lee are leading the fight to get what the people want through the Senate which has not been very good about doing that for a long time!

The Senate can do three things with the House CR bill –

· Pass it as is. Then it goes to the President and he has to decide to sign it, or shut down government rather than lose funding for Obamacare.

· Take it to the floor for open debate and amendments. Then the CR bill with changes goes back to the House for approval.

· Move “cloture” – which allows only one change (put Obamacare funding into the CR) and send it back to the House.

Senators Lee and Cruz want either of the first two. Senator Reid and his followers, including “moderate “ Republican Senators want the third, cloture.

NOTE – I understand a cloture vote requires every Democrat Senator and 6 Republican Senators.

Senator Reed and Cruz are using the filibuster rule (see the movie, Mr. Smith goes to Washington) to delay the vote on cloture while we – you and I – send e-mail and phone calls of support flooding the Republican Senators’ inboxes and phone lines.

Please see the “whip list” at the bottom of the DontFundObamacare.com web site.

Please devote whatever time you can to calling the Republican Senators on that list. These are calls that truly will make a difference! Just say to the Senator’s clerk, “Oppose cloture.” They are getting thousands of calls. They will understand!

The fate of Obamacare from now until cloture vote on Thursday or Friday rests in our dialing fingers!

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