In the Beginning – God

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We have finished the 1st two of 24 online classes in the “Principles of American Government” (PAG) course. A few details may interest you:

“Context” – When you teach, always create a context for the subject.

Suppose I were to begin telling you about some sequins. I would specify the colors, the dimensions, the material, etc. – You would be wondering, “Where do I store this data? Why do I need it?

Suppose I said, “The earth is a sphere drifting in space. It is surrounded with an envelope of gas and its surface is solid and liquid (land and sea). The land is divided into continents. Off the continent we call Europe are some large Islands we call Britain. London is a large city in Britain. There is a Shakespearian theater in London. On that stage is a cast of the play “Othello.” The actor playing Othello is wearing velvet slippers. I want to tell you about the sequins on his slippers. NOW – You know where to “store” the data.

God teaches in context. The first sentence in the Bible:

In the beginning ,,,”

In the beginning – what?

In the beginning, God …”

In the beginning, God – what?

“In the beginning, God created …”

It takes a whole bunch of verses to get down to grass and trees – eventually, to Adam – finally He got it right! He made Eve!

Think about the context. Suppose God had made the cow before He had created a pasture. One confused cow!!

I have discovered – when you seek to create “context” for any subject, if you go back far enough, you always end up with God, the “first cause” of everything.

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