Does Benghazi Matter To You?

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Major news coverage and analysis is shameful. I offer my notes on the “Glen Beck Program” in contrast – 5PM ET May 9 (the day after the Benghazi Congressional hearings. —

Lead item – Did an Imam really use Arabic prayer to covertly damn fallen Seal Team 6 members to hell during their memorial service? Military – NOT families – scheduled the Imam. More follows. GB program had video and audio of prayer. NOTE – No press coverage.

Benghazi hearings –

What we learned:

· Eye witness, Greg Hicks, who had informed State Dept. of “Terrorist attack that he (Hicks) received a 2AM call from Hillary Clinton to evacuate.

· Support teams were ordered to stand down – while the attack was in progress.

· Video you-tube story was a lie.

· Witness, Greg Hicks, intimidated and demoted after questioning U.N. Amb. Susan Rice’s talking points.

· Hillary Clinton’s lawyers told witnesses not to speak to House investigators.

· There was advance warning that an attack on Benghazi was imminent.

· All the men and women who serve this country are brave and courageous people and should watch their back!

Note- the witnesses were under oath.

The question is – “Does the Benghazi story really matter?

Sit down with your family tonight and ask these questions:

· Does it matter that the President lies?

1. How about your boss lies?

2. Your bank lies?

3. Your police lie?

4. Your children? – your parents?

5. Why does it matter?

· What happens when you can no longer trust others?

· Who do you trust?

The Benghazi story is filled with heroism, immense tragedy, deception, cover ups, intimidation, retaliation at the highest levels of our government!

Does Benghazi matter to you?

Whire House


  • “No one told to stand down” is a lie.
  • President blamed American people and their Freedom over Islamists.
  • Abandoned men in fire fight.
  • Sent you-tube man to jail for cover
  • Cover up purpose:
  1. Further Election agenda
  2. Further Moslem Brotherhood agenda

State Department


  • Changed Talking Points.
  • Left co-workers to die.
  • Left co-workers unprotected.
  • Lied to allies, the world, co-workers, and you,
  • Cover up purpose:
  1. Further Election agenda
  2. Further Moslem Brotherhood agenda



  • Smeared.
  • Destroyed.
  • Covered for Admin & State
  • And are still doing it.


  • Remained Silent.

Items 1 & 2 are logical conclusions. The bullet points are supported by sworn testimony and public events.

This represents a fundamental change of American culture! This can not stand, or we have nothing left!

How the media covered the hearings – 11:36 AM to 5:00 PM.

The Blaze carried the hearings until 5 a few minutes were left.

Fox News – 108 minutes of coverage.

CNN – 17 minutes

MSNBC – zero minutes!

At 2PM all the networks cut away for the Jody Areias trial!

QuestionHow does the Areias story compare with our President lying about the death of an Ambassador and three Americans serving our country?

_________end of my program notes_________

There is an Islamic civil discord between Wahabi and Suni factions. If I understand correctly, the Suni faction is financed and tied to Saudi Arabia and the Muslam Brotherhood, while the Wahabi faction is associated with Iran and al Qadea. It appears to me that we have permitted America to become a pawn in the factions’ battle for power. America appears to have sided with the Suni faction and Ambassador Stevens appears to have been in Benghazi negotiating a ship load of arms salvaged from the Lybian conflict to depart for Turkey then the rebels in Syria.

Why do I associate my blog posts with all this?

In the past few weeks I have met several patriotic, truly dedicated individuals who have forsaken newspapers, TV or internet news and completely tuned out current events. We are to be “in the world, but not of the world”. God has given Americans a precious gift. Such people appear to me to be tacitly exchanging it for a mess of poisonous pottage.

It is reported that fewer church folk bothered to vote in 2012 than voted in Obama’s first race in 2008! Their votes would likely have changed the outcome. Human history proves that uninformed people will tacitly surrender their God given liberty to tyrants.

An informed America can NEVER be defeated. I suggest

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