Washington – The Indispensable Man

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These posts to our ACH blog over the years, have served to draw each of you, dear reader, in my concepts, closer to me. It is, to me, as if I were writing to each of you individually.

This morning, before Church, I opened an e-mail with the following URL attachment –


I opened it to view Newt Gingrich in Mount Vernon lecturing on George Washington.

WOW! Every American MUST be encouraged to view this lecture! (Including the very practical Q&A at the end.) It is an hour-long video. Set it, please, as a priority.

I chose to skip church this morning to finish viewing it and send this encouragement to you. It will serve to put our discouragements and problems today, into a providential context.

Should the URL above not open, I am sure it can be found by googling the title on your web browser.

Please enjoy it and share it broadly!

For His-story and Government,

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