Cut to the Chase

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How many sins does it take to make a sinner?

Remember President Bush Senior, “Read my lips – No new taxes.” That gave the Democrats their target. They devoted all their energy into maneuvering Bush into a corner. “The only thing you can do to save the nation is just this little ‘revenue increase’ (”

Once President Bush yielded, they shifted gears and beat him over the head with his broken promise.

Obama is doing the same thing. The focus of his position, if granted, would be a tax increase that would run the country for only 8 days at today’s spending level!


The Republicans would have broken their “no tax increase” promise.

Without the cooperation of a Democrat Senate, the Republican House cannot pass a law.


The House of Representatives is the ONLY place that spending bills may originate. Talk about a fiscal cliff!!! Republican congressmen hold the U.S. government purse strings.


Balance the budget – like RIGHT NOW – TODAY. There goes the Department of Education funding. There goes the funding for the Environmental Protection Agency (drill baby drill). There go billions in graft and corruption that no longer have a place to hide.

Economic shock wave around the country? You bet! If we are in for trouble, let it be because we did what was right. The results will take care of themselves!

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