2013-09-03 True Colors

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September 23, 2013

This is a letter to our friends –

True Colors

Let me draw a word picture for you.

Our leaders who stand upon principle and do what is right, because it is right, have mounted their steeds and sounded the charge. The bugles are sounding and the thunder of hooves is shaking the ground.

The enemy is stunned. It has been so long since they have been truly challenged that they are in disarray. Both sides are “all in” the combat is unavoidable. As our noble leaders charge into the battle with the cheers and support of the people, many of the captains of divisions are behind them frantically waiving white flags – Their true colors!

The disunity within our ranks confuses and discourages the cheering populace. Seeing this, the enemy shouts, “We are steadfast and immovable!” Our captains under white flags shout, “They are steadfast and immovable! We will lose the battle!

Our noble leaders know our cause is just and right. They understand the enemy is bluff and bluster and that the people and our future rest in the balance. They charge on trusting in the rightness of our cause.

The results of the battle rests in the balance. Will the people continue to SHOUT their support for our cause, defund Obamacare NOW? Or will the enemy’s bluff and bluster intimidate the people as it has those under the white flag of “surrender before the fight”?

Dear patriot – NOW is the time to burn up the e-mail, phone lines, letters. Tell your friends NOT to be discouraged, not to give up, not to stop shouting. BELIEVE we can win this battle!

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