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November 16, 2013

This is a mail-merge letter to our friends –

What if – –

What if we did what is right, because it is right, and left the results to take care of themselves?

Over three years ago, Obamacare became law under a previous Congress with Democrat majorities in both houses. Not a single Republican lawmaker voted for it. Since then the Republicans won a majority in the House, but not the Senate. Republican Representatives have voted again and again to repeal this disastrous law. Most of that has been “theater” . Republican leadership has said one thing, but (behind the scenes) done something else.

A stark illustration is in the actions of Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who is Senate Minority Leader. After three years of “kicking the can down the road” the final opportunity to stop the disaster was to defund it. The effort was led by the maverick Senator, Ted Cruz (R-TX). His plan would have prevented all the chaos we see today. McConnell and most other GOP Senators opposed Cruz’ effort and it failed.

Then McConnell et all could go home and say truthfully, “We voted against funding Obamacare, but the Democrat majority won!” McConnell’s web site brags that he has always opposed Obamacare! When power trumps individual liberty, politicians lie!

OK – Now we have a giant economic mess on our hands. Millions of people are being hurt. The insurance industry is in chaos. Nothing is stable. No one knows what is going on.

I suggest this basic truth – Civil-government is incapable of solving the problem – Socialized medicine violates the laws of nature which are intrinsic in the free market system.

What if the Legislature and the President were to recognize this truth and not only repeal Obamacare, but go all the way and withdraw national civil-government involvement in every aspect of health care save its obligations to American’s wounded in service. I find no authority in our Constitution for such involvement.

Before responding with all the problems and law suites such action would cause – Let us speculate about the positive results of doing what is right because it is right!

“COLD TURKEY” Overnight every American would be without government subsidy (redistributed wealth). Every hospital and health clinic would be without federal government regulations and grants. Every insurance company would be free from federal regulations and the expense of lobbies to influence laws.

Individual Americans would be responsible for their health decisions, hospitals would compete for their place in the healthcare market and Insurance companies would be free to compete by designing plans the customer wants.

In short order, the whole industry would stabilize. Those who cheat and scam would quickly be exposed in a free market without corrupt government to protect them. The artificially explosive bloat of healthcare expense would be replaced with economy and efficiency. The savings would return to the economy.

What about the truly poor and needy? American charity is in our national DNA. That is NOT a question for civil-government. There is NO constructive way for taxpayer funds, lifted by compulsion of law, to be used for charity. Unless we rise to that need, our character is flawed and we will lose the unalienable, God-given right to Liberty.

Consider – If Joe has a need and John has the means and helps – Both are blessed. John has a vested interest in solving Joe’s need so he doesn’t have to keep on helping.

. – BUT –

If Joe has a need and “Uncle Sam” sees that John has the means to help and takes from John and gives to Jue – Then John is a victim, Sam is a thief, and Joe is thanking Sam for John’s goods! Note Further – Sam has a vested interest in Joe’s need. No need – No need for Sam! Sam would like Joe’s need to continue and even grow greater!

We the people” created “Uncle Sam” to preserve and protect John’s property and protect John’s liberty choose to help Joe, NOT to be compelled to do so.

Without choice there is no virtue.

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Ben Gilmore 1929-2023

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