2013-11-15 Time is growing short

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November 18, 2013

This is a mail-merge letter to our friends –

Time is growing short

We are entering the last phase of the “Principles of American Government” (PAG) 3-month, online course which began last September.

The next course begins on Monday, January 6.

I am passionate about this course. It is NOT a course on the Constitution. Rather, you will learn to understand the principles that inspired the Declaration and the Constitution.

It is NOT a course in American nationalism. Rather, you will discover than North America happens to be the place God chose to illustrate these principles. Principles that may be applied universally.

We are stewards of these principles. If they are to be preserved there must be those who have learned and can pass them along to future generations.

Men and women of whom the world was not worthy, suffered, bled and gave their lives that we might have that opportunity and responsibility!

Please phone, or e-mail me about joining the January class.

Ben Gilmore

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Ben Gilmore 1929-2023

On March 30, 2023 Ben Gilmore, the co-founder of ACHStudyGroups (co-founded with his wife Fran), went to be with the Lord in Glory.

A Memorial: https://www.mykeeper.com/profile/BenGilmore/