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~ John F. Kennedy

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~ George Washington

"Don’t interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties."
~ Abraham Lincoln

"Unless enough individuals take dominion of the principles that guided our founders, our efforts to repair and rebuild will be futile!"
~ Ben Gilmore

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~ General George S. Patton

“I would rather be optimistic and disappointed than pessimistic and correct.”
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"Defeat is optional."
~ Ben Gilmore

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2015-04-26 Providential Speculation

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April 26, 2015

This is a letter to our friends –

Providential Speculation

What might the “3rd Great Awakening” look like.

It is fun to think outside the box now and then. We have some general parameters:

· God wants no man to be lost, but each man must choose to obey God’s will.

· All men have sinned. The atonement of Christ frees those who accept it, to love God.

· Christ condensed the whole Bible into “Love God and love others”.

· That requires a cooperative effort: Men obeying God, and God guiding men.

When that happens, we call it “revival.” It appears to me that the history of major revival movements have moved from east to west. The only one I have seen personally was the “Jesus Movement” in the late 1960’s. It originated in the Los Angeles area and had impact around the world. (See Google > “Jesus Movement”>Wikipedia)

The Old Testament documents Israel’s up and down history. Things were good. Men turned from God. Things turned very bad. Men turned to God in repentance. God worked with men to “revive” society. Sound familiar? America’s Christian history follows that pattern.

We should never forget this truth – God’s hand is always at work on our behalf, even when He punishes us. Today things appear to be very bad. Perhaps that is because we are not seeing what God’s hands are doing. For instance – I saw a report that NationalBlackRobeRegiment.com has enlisted better than 17,000 pastors who have pledged to inform their flocks of Biblical principles in every area of life, including civil government! All across our nation groups are praying 2nd Chronicles 7:14. Mini-revivals are popping up like popcorn.

Just suppose, enough American Christians prayed for mercy in place of justice, and God was satisfied that He, not human pride, would get the credit. Suppose the Holy Spirit was released to energize and guide across America. (Read some accounts of the impact of such revivals in the past. One was on the day of Pentecost after Christ’s resurrection.)

I have written about what it might look like in America. (See ACH website > Ben’s Blog tab > “2014-12-27 What might it look like”)

What might such an event in America look like to the rest of the world? What would they see? – –

They would see that the first in history experiment in Christian principles of civil self-government has not failed! Biblical principles do indeed work! There is hope for mankind to achieve liberty with God’s help.

A wave of righteousness sweeps from America’s west coast across the Pacific Islands and Indo China. Masses of people in south-east Asia exchange eastern religions for Christianity. Poverty and tyranny are replaced by prosperity and liberty.

Such a tidal wave of righteousness sweeps across the Indian sub-continent, then across the Moslem world. Hate and discord are replaced by peace. The tidal wave gains momentum and breadth as it reaches the Mediterranean Sea. It sweeps westward across Europe and Africa.

North and South America experience another wave of righteousness, as the tidal wave engulfs the globe in one last great awakening, the likes of which the world has never seen.

The “in thing” world-wide will be, to be “Christian”. Will it all be real? No, like today, there will be the real thing and there will be phonies.

NEXT – For every tidal wave, there is an ebb tide.

That appears to me to be an ideal place for the end-time scenarios to take place.

Something positive to think about.

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