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2016-10-16 About the November ballot

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October 17, 2016

This is a letter to our friends –

About the November ballot

In 1960 I walked my first precinct. Because of those years and this column, about this time in the election cycle I receive requests for my thoughts. Perhaps this “broadcast” response will be enough for everyone.

Your vote is sacred. As with all of your choices, you hold the ultimate responsibility. A responsibility you cannot delegate. Seeking council is wise, but the ultimate decision is up to you alone.

What follows are my thoughts.

Regarding Trump or Hillary – There is a lot of discussion about “character”. Every man is a sinner. We should expect candidates to highlight their opponent’s character flaws. Each of us is vulnerable to opposition research. I see signs of consistent corruption in Hillary’s character. I see signs of efforts to improve on Trump’s part.

More significantly – There is no doubt about the nature of a Hillary Clinton administration. That is – a continuation of the drift toward government control over every aspect of our lives. There is at least the promise of a radical improvement with a Donald Trump administration. That is – a Supreme Court that honors our Constitution, a fight to fix a corrupted government, a restored military, and a growth focused economy with secure borders. All that to make America great again.

A vote for anyone other than Trump, or a decision not to vote, is in fact, a vote for Hillary. Some will say that doesn’t count for California where the Democrats are sure to win. That is not a certainty until the votes are cast!

Regarding the down ballot – Issues are important in the spring primaries. Once decided, the down ballot becomes a numbers game. Your choice is limited to which party you are going to make the majority party. In turn that structures committees and chairs. Your weak representative with an “R” by his name may cause a good guy to win an important position.

Regarding the initiatives & propositions — Begin with a “no” vote bias. These are issues that should be debated and settled by our legislature. Instead, the cowards have tossed hot potato issues into our lap to do their job! On the other hand sometimes we the people need such opportunities to override a corrupt legislature.

Next – An absolute “no” vote for any effort to increase funds to government. When funds are cut, corrupt politicians punish voters by decreasing funds to hospitals and other necessities. The only way to smoke out the dead wood is to cut their funding while demanding they fund the necessities.

If still in doubt – Consider the individuals and organizations that endorse an initiative. If they are unfamiliar to you, a simple google search is usually sufficient.

These are the way I make my ballot choices. I hope you find them useful.

After the election God will still be on His throne. Will you be able to hold your head high, having prayerfully cast your vote as you believe He wished? Or will you be ashamed of your lack of faith?

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