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December 23, 2016

This is a letter to our friends –

Swamp critters

Paper tigers – Paper tigers do their best to appear bigger and stronger than they are. They make loud noise. They seek to be as obnoxious as they can with threats and foul language, in an attempt to make “nice” people shut up and go away.

Paper tigers recruit useful idiots to swell their ranks. Useful idiots are duped by false logic, lies, and attraction to virtual power centers.

When paper tigers are unchallenged, their virtual strength grows stronger. NOTE – That strength is only virtual. It is not real. When paper tigers are faced down they slink away waiting for another opportunity to roar.

Locusts – Locusts are parasites that eat up every resource they can find. In the early 1960’s America was about to build a nuclear submarine fleet. The “game” was to bid low in order to win the contract ahead of your competitor. Once you had the contract and started building, the government designers were sure to come in with change orders to improve something.

This time the competitor was not in the picture and the contractor could charge what he wanted for the change! Admiral Rickover comes on the scene. He announces that changes were to be made before the first bids. Post-bid changes would come at the expense of one’s career! Then the Admiral advised the contractor industry that they were expected to fulfill their bids to the letter in order to get paid!

America received a nuclear submarine fleet at a reasonable price, thanks to a single hard-nosed Admiral.

Power junkies – Power junkies are addicted to exercising authority over others. Many mistake them for wealth junkies (another type of addiction). True power junkies care little about money unless it adds to their power over others. They get off on forcing others to drive with seat belts or wear bicycle helmets. Having authority over land and water use is an addict’s nirvana!

Wealth junkies – Wealth junkies are addicted to gathering money wherever it is found. There is never enough. If Joe sees that Harry has a need and helps Harry, both are blessed. If a wealth junkie sees that he can take from Joe and give to Harry (less a handling fee!) then Joe is a victim and Harry receives stolen goods. Wealth junkie has a vested interest in Harry’s problem continuing. Whereas Joe has an interest in solving Harry’s problem so he can stop giving.

Pause and consider how difficult it would be for you to forsake your relationship with God. Swamp critters worship their particular idol with equal fervor! Now pause and consider the battle President Trump and his team are going to have when the swamp begins to drain and dry up.

It is a dirty job that must be done. They will need our support. We hired them to do it.

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Ben Gilmore 1929-2023

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