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January 6, 2017

This is a letter to our friends –

Measuring quality

“Quality” – How is it measured? If one line is longer than another and they cannot be seen together, we use a ruler and measure each. It would be unwise not to use the best ruler we could find. (A twisted ruler would not be reliable.)

My point – Without a reliable standard, “quality” cannot be measured.

How is “right” or “wrong” measured? I can think of four ways:

· Conscience – Every person comes equipped with one. If obeyed and protected, conscience makes a good measure for evaluating the quality of choices. On the other hand, the more often conscience is neglected the less reliable it becomes.

· Reason & Observation – Reason and observation are wonderful things. (Even a dumb dog don’t kiss a hot stove twice!) But both are imperfect. What is observed can be misinterpreted. (Once we believed the earth was flat. After all, we could see the edge.)

· History – Without a knowledge of history, we can only guess the outcome of current situations. Sound knowledge of history replaces guesses with facts about the outcome of similar situations in the past.

· Biblical – The biblical “ruler” incorporates all-of-the-above. I have found its principles to be absolutely reliable. Its reasoning is faultless and its history is accurate.

Today, many Americans appear to have forsaken reliable measures for right and wrong. Homosex comes to mind. All four of the above “measurers” declare it “wrong”. Yet we permit our children to be taught that homosex is an acceptable lifestyle. The homosexual community inflates its image with noise and intimidation. In truth, that community is a paper tiger when faced down. Because many Americans choose not to do so we plant the seeds of our own cultural destruction permitting the next generation to believe a lie.

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Ben Gilmore 1929-2023

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