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2017-01-16 Solving the Obamacare dilemma

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January 16, 2017

This is a letter to our friends –

Solving the Obamacare dilemma

How do you solve problems created by bad choices? I have found a four step method that seems to work well. The steps are: Admit; Commit; Stop; Go.

Admit that you have made an unwise commitment. Human nature makes this the hardest step! We often make a mistake then defend it to the bitter end!

Commit to keeping your unwise commitment. That is – Do not make a promise and not keep it. This too is a hard step. Breaking promises only compounds problems.

Stop making similar unwise commitments. Gather all those to whom you are committed. Make no similar commitments to others. At this point there is an end in sight – if you can survive the unwise commitment.

Go to those holding your commitment and ask if there are terms that will help you survive. Those holding your commitment have a vested interest in your survival. Half a loaf is better than none!

Let us apply these steps to the problems created by government involvement in individual healthcare. (By the way – I found these steps in the Bible.)

First – The national government in Washington, D.C. has to authority outside that specified in the Constitution. All other authority is reserved to the states and the people. Individual healthcare is not mentioned in the Constitution. Government is to be our protector, not our nanny-provider.

When you accept government’s role in individual healthcare, government has authority in your lifestyle, your insurance choices, even your lifespan! Is that the sort of liberty “We the people” created the government to protect?

OK then – What do we do now?

We admit that national government has no legitimate authority in individual healthcare and needs to unravel this complex web that grips our liberty.

Then we commit to keeping our commitment to those who have accepted government healthcare assistance. If we rip it out the patient will die on the table!

Next we stop making any further government involvement in individual healthcare. The dependency cancer is spreading everywhere. Stop includes eliminating laws and regulations that distort the free market exchange between individuals and groups with the healthcare industry.

Finally – Once free of government control, I believe the healthcare industry will go running to offer far less expensive, far more efficient healthcare alternatives! Over-simplification? Perhaps! On the other hand, perhaps we need to learn to trust “doing what is right because it is right” and letting the results take care of themselves.

Sometimes solutions are so simple they become profound!

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