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2017-02-04 Stand tall

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February 4, 2017

This is a letter to our friends –

Stand tall

Remember what happens when you turn over a flat rock in a stream bed? All the little critters run for cover.

We “hired” Donald Trump to drain the swamp. Draining a swamp is a nasty business! The swamp critters have fewer and fewer places to hide and their food supply dries up. They become desperate. Everything they have worked for and enjoyed is in jeopardy! Their reaction is predictable.

The swamp critters are like cornered tigers. They fight back with every tool they have. They can still bite. Often when their thrashing gets violent, some folks wring their hands and want to quit the nasty business and leave the swamp half drained.

Don’t dare to do it! The results will be seven times worse. The battle is begun. The enemy is on the defensive. Stand tall in defense of liberty and justice. Persevere until victory is won. Corruption comes in many forms. The one thing consistent with the policies of the left – Not one of them is Biblical. –Not one of them is truly reasonable. Draining the swamp will reveal something beautiful!

Pause and consider – What thoughts would the enemy want you to have? “The rioters represent a large portion of the people.” “They are spontaneous and not led by paid anarchists.” “Our nation is splitting apart.” “Trump will declare martial law and ‘Mad Dog’ will be like Napoleon at the end of the French Revolution.” Rebuke such thoughts!

Our nation’s new leaders are doing exactly what they were overwhelmingly elected to do! Do not think the way the media is leading you to think. Stand tall and win!

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