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July 17, 2017

This is a letter to our friends –

Looking ahead

There is much cause for optimism. I heard a story about a tortured saint. He adopted the philosophy that death would unite him with Christ. His tormentors told his jailers to treat him well because suffering only made him more optimistic!

Each of us can rest assured that the unseen hand of God is working for good. Further we can see external proof. Hidden corruption is being exposed every day. We should pray daily for the safety and stamina of the Trump team and especially for the thousands of individual and group intercessors who are supporting them.

Another external indication is the familiar red map showing the counties that voted “Trump”. His opponents have done everything in their tired old play-book to turn his supporters against him. They have only driven more people into the Trump camp.

The mid-term elections next year will determine a third of the U.S. Senate seats and all of the U.S. House seats! Add to that all of the thousands of state and local elections. All this at a time when the voting public is more and more fed up with things as they are!

Put that in the context that not one of those is a national election. The blue counties of the red county-by-county map only play a small part in the overall result of next year’s elections!

Here is what we can expect. The goal of the right is to replace as many left supporters with conservatives as possible in order to speed draining the national, state, and local swamps. The goal of the left is to win Democrat seats where they can. If that is unlikely they have an alternative.

The left’s playbook says to stroke the pride of numerous Republican candidates to run against one another and split the conservative vote in behalf of a RINO* who will be like a Democrat wearing a Republican nametag.

In the end voter awareness and every single primary vote counts. In that respect Trump’s endorsement will count a lot. In many races, Trump will be able to pick and choose the winners.

May I share my working definitions. These apply to American politics and may have different meanings in overseas politics. Remember – The one being defined must be willing to accept the definition.

Liberal – A liberal is one who makes his decisions in an effort to produce the best results.

Conservative – A conservative is one who makes his decisions according to the best principles he can find – and lets the results take care of themselves.

Moderate — A moderate is a liberal who cannot define his position.

* (Republican In Name Only)

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