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July 20, 2017

This is a letter to our friends –

What isn’t being said

Lately, the television news programs seem to have only one or two stories to talk about on any given day. You hear one program and the rest are only repeats. I enjoy listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio in my car or on the net when in my office.

When Mitch McConnell first came out with a “Repeal but don’t replace” proposal, I thought, “Well – at last!” Then Rush pointed out that McConnell’s proposal was not scheduled to repeal for two years. “Kick the can down the road” with no guarantee that repeal would ever happen.

Rush’s analysis seems “right on” to me. Let us pray that the final bill is action “here and now” and at least a step toward getting federal government out of our health decisions. Think about it – A slave master makes choices about his slave’s health. He wants him healthy unless – it becomes too expensive. Then … …

Another thing not being discussed is the power of a free market! When a buyer and seller negotiate, each wants a better deal. When they finally agree on a price – that sets the value of a product. Competition is a wonderful thing in a free market.

Suppose we were to do the right thing and flat-out cancel all federal involvement in healthcare save for things like service veterans where there is a true obligation. The vast majority of people would almost overnight meet in the marketplace, with an array of aggressive insurance companies hungry for their business. Competition would quickly establish pricing at the true value of each product. Much lower than current “regulated” pricing.

There will be a percentage of individuals with “pre-existing” problems the insurance companies have been forced (by regulation) to insure. While the greater part of the healthcare issue will have been settled, the feds and the insurance companies will have to negotiate the government’s obligations to the “Pre-existing” market. People will once more be responsible for their own lives at a much more affordable rate. The size and overreach of the feds will have been reduced!

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