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September 30, 2017

This is a letter to our friends –

Now and then

Let’s look at what I believe is the true situation now, then look at what is likely to happen then.

American society has been systematically dumbed down for several generations. Ignorance and apathy are endemic! (I don’t know and I don’t care.) The good news – Truth never stops fighting to the surface. I believe far more light is shining into the swamp than the general public realizes. Every day seems to turn over a new rock and see the critters scurrying for cover!

The self-serving “Washington establishment” (we used to call it the “good-old-boy” network.) is being recognized and understood by more and more here-to-fore ordinary citizens.

Sara Palin illustrated it when she faced down the Alaskan establishment and produced a petroleum royalty check for every Alaskan citizen.

More and more Americans are fed up with the ineffectiveness of the “traditional” way of not getting things done! I believe apathy and ignorance are waning. Many, perhaps most, believe this is true of only themselves and of their small group of friends. Certainly the communication centers that have fostered ignorance and apathy are not reporting this growing awareness..

I believe a “tipping point” has been reached. What have become the accepted ways of controlling the masses are failing. Truth is reaching the surface. How is it manifesting in American society?

Light (truth) is revealing itself to individuals who are discovering they have been lied to. Human nature produces anger. The realization of ignorance produces frustration. Anger and frustration produce an opportunity for further deception! A vicious cycle.

Americans however have a unique advantage. America is a Christian nation. Not because it was formed by Christians, but because it has a Christian form. Without Jesus, there would be no America! Our cultural anchor is set firmly in truth and righteousness. The ship of state has drifted way off course, but the anchor chain has not been broken!

That link, I believe, will hold and lead us back. Forget the current events being reported to discourage us. We the people still hold the power! Recognize the significance of next spring’s primary races. One third of the Senate and every one of the congressmen are up for election in November, 2018! The candidates for that election will be determined in the spring primary elections.

Astute politicians recognize that we are fed up. Look for many more of them to choose retirement rather than fight a losing primary battle. The less astute, those who believe the media and their own press releases, will be surprised locally in the way the Washington establishment was surprised by the Trump win.

What must we do to take advantage of this opportunity and avoid being deceived all over again? Begin by rebuking anger and frustration. Use your God-given gift of observation and reason. Seek council then evaluate it with common sense! Find ways to inform yourself on the candidates on your ballot.

I understand Senators have been told to vote party line, or face primary challenges without party campaign funding. Those who sell their Senate vote to party, over what is the right thing to do, are unworthy of our support. As are the many appeals for support of either party campaign funds. Those funds are in the hands of the Washington establishment. Note that millions of such funds were used for the establishment candidate over Judge Roy Moore in Alabama. I encourage campaign contributions – given directly to the candidate!

I believe every incumbent Democrat and several Republican Senators can expect a vigorous primary challenge. The same is true for Democrat and many Republican congressmen. The result in November 2018, will be a dramatic legislative shift to the Republican right.

How will the establishment seek to oppose this trend? Truth and righteousness can’t lie, but they can! We can’t cheat and defraud, but they can! They can use human nature and pride to encourage conservative candidates to run against one another, thus splitting the vote and giving a majority to the single establishment candidate.

On our side – We have grass root funding, while establishment funding is rapidly drying up. We have the trend of an awakening public, responding to corruption with common sense. Fueling it all, I believe, is the gracious hand of God, enhanced by an army of unseen intercessors. Not because we deserve it, we don’t! But because of our Lord’s investment in America as an illustration of Christian self-government to the world.

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