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December 10, 2017

This is a letter to our friends –

Merry Christmas!

It is great to hear the President make “Merry Christmas” socially acceptable again! I have noticed more stores and clerks begin using it.

I received a Christmas present from the President of FACE the other day. It was in the form of a stirring endorsement of my on-line Principles course –

“The Principles of American Government on-line course

“Every student, and every parent, should grasp the opportunity-of-a-lifetime to study with masterful teacher Mr. Ben Gilmore. His three-month course, "Principles of American Government," expands the mind and heart to embrace the full counsel and providence of God. The student will gain a whole, comprehensive Biblical mindset to apply to all of life and in all learning. The understanding of natural and revealed law, of eternal principles that supply wisdom for living, and of God’s hand in human history, together comprise an education that must be the foundation of all education for every Christian.

“What a benefit for so little a commitment of time. Don’t miss this opportunity!” [Dr. Carole Adams]

The format the Lord seems to have given me for the course is taken directly from primary books published by FACE and authored by Verna Hall & Rosalie Slater. Built upon that is 60 years of evangelical and political activist training and exterience.

Portions of the course have been incorporated into the newly published book, “Nation Makers – the Art of Self-Government” published by FACE (Foundation for American Christian Education).

Fran and I want to wish you and yours wonderful Christ- & Family-filled Christmas holiday and celebration. –

As well as a joyous and prosperous 2018. – – –

Regarding that – Things to keep in mind –

Many voters pay little attention to the spring primary elections that select the choices you will have in the crucial November elections, The left and the media do their best to help you neglect the primary elections and let them select the names on your November ballot. Please be suspicious of every candidate running for re-election. The few good ones will make themselves known to you – as will the swamp critters – If you pay attention. A good place to start – Ask, “Where do you stand on guns, abortion, and family values?”

That done – Turn your attention to the challengers. Go to a few local rallies. Invite them to coffee, challengers are hungry for exposure. Volunteer if you are able. Remember – primary elections determine the issues. November elections determine who is in the majority and chairs powerful committees.

Regarding contributions – Every conflict in the news is used by someone as a fund raiser! I choose to give only to the candidate’s official campaign fund. Then, if he chooses, he can contribute to the party funds.


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