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December 22, 2017

This is a letter to our friends –

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It is a time to be joyous and bask in the goodness of the Christmas season. Truly the national mood this year is warmer than it has been in years. “Merry Christmas” is once more politically correct!

It is on my heart to point out some things to think about in the weeks ahead. So save this message for later and bask on!

With the help of Congress, and particularly the Republican Senate, the President has achieved his first major legislative victory in a year of effort. That effort involved tirelessly working the phones, one-on-one with lawmakers. The “Art of the Deal” pushed to its max.

The result – GOP Lawmakers all smiling and joining Trump in a victory lap. These are the very same lawmakers that could have joined together and done the very same thing last January! Why do you suppose they waited until late fall?

Some likely held out until they could “extort” goodies for themselves, their donors’ lobbies, or perhaps even their constituents! A few surly must have held out for principle. Large numbers were held back by “leadership” (Mitch McConnell & Paul Ryan) defending the political establishment status quo by threatening committee assignments.

So – Why now? The swamp desire to defend the status quo establishment wagon has not changed. A few weeks ago the grass roots were so angry they were ready to challenge every incumbent. Throw out the whole lot and try a new bunch!

I believe it is designed to sweeten the public mood going into the primary elections next spring. Make voters believe there has been a true change of heart and thus, no need to support a primary challenge to an incumbent who may have been a career-long RINO until just now. Once the incumbent has won the primary it becomes a clear choice (Democrat or Republican) in November. Either way the primary turns out, it will be a GOP landslide in November. The RINOs who get reelected can go back to being RINOs (Senators for a six year term!).

Consider all this as the state primary elections come up. Each state sets its own primary date. Primary elections will be all through the spring. Winter Olympics in February, will be a diversion. PLEASE rise to the challenge. Primary elections are the key for supporting principle. November elections determine who holds the power.

Not long ago many of us were afraid the country was lost. An army of faithful, scattered, unseen intercessors prayed through what seemed hopelessness into the light that is the public mood today. Let us not touch the glory that belongs to God for answered prayer. Keep praying and asking for guidance this spring. “Ye have not because ye ask not!” “Ask and ye shall receive.”

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