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2018-05-31 Memories & thoughts of an aged political warhorse

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May 31, 2018

This is a letter to our friends –

Memories and thoughts of an aged political war-horse

In 1960, as I recall, I walked my first precinct. John Tower (R-Texas) was running for U.S. Senate. Shortly after that, my employer moved us to Connecticut in order to cover sales in the territory from Georgia to Maine.

Before the move I was given a copy of “The Conscience of a Conservative” by Senator Barry Goldwater, 1964 presidential candidate. Civics classes had been, for me, nap times. “Uninformed” is an understatement. That book was a seed bed for the conservative movement across America.

An on-the-job crash course in practical politics (common sense), resulted in my leading the grass roots movement in Connecticut. Conservatives came out of the woodwork and shocked

the establishment Republicans!

We moved to California and a new career in the automotive service market. I was invited to write a newspaper column. That resulted in three nominations to state legislature and a decade of active involvement in California politics at the local and state levels. These blog posts are the after-glow of those newspaper columns.

Fifty-eight years since that first precinct walk have seen a slow, and more or less steady, American learning curve. I believe we are approaching a tipping point. We have deep and firm roots. Truth and righteousness never stop fighting for the surface. America was born with a purpose – demonstrate to the world how to love God and others.

Like each of us, America has been more than a little unfaithful to her calling! There remains the assurance that redemption is available. (2nd Chronicles 7:14)

I believe the ungodly will use every opportunity to hold back the coming tsunami of redemption. It will be a wave of truth from the American bosom that sweeps through south-east Asia, the Indian sub-continent, and the Moslem world. There is coming a global Christ- centered baptism in righteousness the likes of which he world has never seen.

After that, there is always an ebb-tide (end-time). If my thoughts are correct, this is a time to look up, keep faith, and not be overwhelmed. Victory is near.

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