2018-12-22 Been there done that!

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December 22, 2018

This is a letter to our friends –

Been there done that!

God said, “If you will do four things, I will do three things – Hear your prayers, forgive your sins, and heal your land.” [2nd Chronicles 7:14] Well, it does not appear that our land has been healed.

That promise was offered to the American Christian society, “If My people, who are called by My name …” (That would apply to the Christian society of any nation.)

We must conclude that we have not humbled ourselves, or we have not prayed, or we have not “sought God’s face”, or we have not “turned from our wicked ways”. (See the referenced Scripture.)

A few decades ago a friend, was pastoring an exciting, fast-growing charismatic Baptist church near Dallas. Another friend was invited as a pulpit guest. He felt led to preach on adultery. Almost overnight – the church dissolved!

We have been focusing upon “draining the swamp”. It surely needs draining! We have decades of pure evil polluting our Capital. On the other hand, the solution is not in Washington. The solution is in our American Christian society.

We have drifted from humility and become “proud Americans” while ignoring the heritage about which we should be proud! What sort of payer-life do we have in our society? We have turned over to a godless system, the raising up of the children God placed in our care. Is it any wonder few of them know to seek His face?

Then we come to the big one, “Turn from your wicked ways.” Have we found our “comfort zone” and nestled in, while indulging our own misbehavior? Have we invited Christ into our lives to “share” it! Until we have a clear understanding of our personal sin and what it has cost ourselves and others, we cannot comprehend the awesome value of the grace and forgiveness Christ offers each of us.

A closing thought. At 89 I see many folks making the same mistakes I made. I shout from the housetops, “THERE IS A BETTER WAY!” Lord why don’t they listen?

He replies, “Would you deny them the chance to learn the same way you did?”

I believe the Lord has called me to teach these principles and their history. It has been suggested we delay the beginning of the online PAG course (Principles of American Government) until Monday January 14th. Phone me if you or your teens are willing to make the commitment.

Merry Christmas!

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