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2019-01-01 The big BIG BIG picture

ACH Study Groups
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January 1, 2019

This is a letter to our friends –

The big BIG BIG picture
As I see it.

If we are to accept the Bible as true, we are able to piece together clues and build a timeline
from creation to the present. Adam was created about 4000 BC. That makes the human history timeline around 6000 years long. I believe that is true.

God placed men on earth to learn to love Him and one another. [Matthew 22:36-40]

Men made a mess of their first 2000 year try. God flushed it with a great flood to start over with Noah and his family.

Again, they strayed off track and God divided mankind into people groups by dividing their languages at the Tower of Babble. Then He selected one people group, Abraham’s family line, the Jews, to illustrate how a nation was supposed to interact with Him (God) and others.

They weren’t learning well. They tried, but like it is today, sometimes good, sometimes not so good. He promised them that He would send a Messiah [Malachi 3:1, among many OT Scriptures]. The surprise was that He came Himself in human form as a baby, to grow and teach by example how to love God and others.
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Jesus arrived at the end of the second 2000 years on the human timeline. The lessons He taught us literally turned the timeline in another direction. He opened the way to repentance, forgiveness, and direct relationship with God.

Let’s back off and review. 2000 years and a flush (start over). Then miraculous events in the Middle-east (Israel, Egypt, Medo-Persia). Christianity and doctrines of Christian self-government spread across Greece, then Rome, Europe, Great Brittan, America.

Note the general movement has been from east to west. On a globe that traces a great circle.
The major moves of Christian history in America also appear to have been westward to the Azusa Street revival in LA (1906).

I have not seen such culture changing events beyond that. The great circle I mentioned extends from Los Angeles across southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, and through the Moslem world back to the Mediterranean Sea.

It would be unlike God, not to include the 2/3 of the world’s population near that extended line. BUT – I believe the end-time clock is ticking. There may not be a lot of time left.

My conclusion – We are on the brink of a mind-blowing, western moving, worldwide baptism in righteousness, the likes of which mankind has never seen!

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