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2019-01-11 Politics & Faith

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January 13, 2019

This is a letter to our friends –

Politics & Faith

It has begun – The 2020 voting cycle is in full swing (mostly) behind the scenes. At its root is a spiritual battle for the soul of America. On the surface it is an election cycle.

The left (you can know they represent evil because not one of their policies enhances righteousness) will seek to focus public attention upon the Presidential Primaries next spring (2020), then the Presidential general election in November 2020.

Like the magician who diverts attention with one hand while manipulating things with the other – the leftist media, democrat activists, and “RINO’s” will be hard at work manipulating local (down-ticket) primary races. They want their candidates winning nominations on the Democrat ticket and they want RINO candidates on the Republican tickets.

There will be some great primary candidates, but most voters will hear little about them because the left systematically cuts off their source of funds and invitations to speak.

I confess – Last week I told the Lord that it appears the voters’ level of political sophistication is far too low to combat the swamp-manipulation. He answered with silence and I had to apologize. This is His battle. We need to pray and obey!

So here is a suggestion from an old political warhorse. If you are willing to get involved –
Phone or visit your county registrar of voters. Ask for their political calendar. When you hear that a local Republican candidate (Righteous Democrat candidates can no longer survive in their party) is interested in your district, contact him by phone or in person. You will be surprised at how hungry they are to meet voters

Ask them the “litmus” questions- What is your position on — * Guns
* Abortion
* Homosexuality

If you get 3 of three then do all you can to help him.

If you get 2/3 look for a better candidate for your efforts.

After the primary is settled, support the Republican candidate regardless of his views. I know it is the lesser of two evils – but – until we have a perfect candidate – every election is the lesser of two imperfect candidates! Issues are important in the primaries. Control is a numbers game in the down ticket general elections.

It will seem overwhelming. Remember – It is God’s battle! Our job is to pray and obey. Then have faith that God is always in control!

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