2021-07–11 Making the complex simple

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Monday, July 12, 2021

This is a letter to our friends –

Simplyfying the complex

Every day we hear newsmakers say Trump’s claims of “fixed” elections are proven false. That is easily countered with, “Pleases how me a single time that an objective investigation of Trump’s evidence has been proven wrong.” Ask for documentation, not a 3rd party “claim”.

First – the obvious – dead voters, ballot stuffing, crooked poll workers. Well documented evidence is all over the net. See the video of Georgia poll staff pulling ballots from under the table.

Next – the cyber fraud initiated in China. This is complex and harder to understand. Please let me share my understanding. IT IS IMPORTANT!

Let’s set up a “reasonable” election result, well before the election. Let Trump win the red states by “reasonable” numbers. Let Biden win the blue states by more “reasonable” numbers. Give the swing states to Biden and it will appear that Trump lost a “clean” election. No one will be the wiser.

OK – How do we decide how to make vote counts appear reasonable? We begin with each state’s 1990 census data. Break it down by age groups. Next, we decide on what % of that population (less those too young to vote) we want to turn out and vote. You can go to www.lindelltv.com scroll to “Absolute Science”. Using this method, the speaker (Dr, Frank), is able to demonstrate with great accuracy, the voter turnout of each state! That could not be done without computers!

Contrary to claims, vote machines are linked to the worldwide computer network. On November 3 and 4, 2020 these machines were being closely monitored by dark forces. If the votes needed to be flipped to reach the scheduled results it was an easy task. BUT the Trump vote was heavier than expected. No problem – Increase “voter turnout”! But – BUT ! The turnout for Trump was overwhelming the fraudulent system. – SHUT DOWN THE COUNT IN THE SWING STATES AT 2AM!

Initiate plan B – Stuff the ballot box with phony ballots. Arizona is leading that investigation. Watch for news.

NO MATTER – Cyber-patriots recorded the whole thing in real time Parcel Captures (PCAP’s) that show the Chinese computer name, location, owner and time of each hack and the number of votes that were flipped. Go to www.lindelltv.com scroll to “Absolute9-0” for the proof.

Tell someone every day. Unless this is exposed, we can have no more honest elections.

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