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Saturday, March 5, 2022

This is a letter to our friends –


TREASON – “In the United States, treason is confined to the actual levying of war against the United States, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.” [Webster 1828]

There are those who believe in a one-world government. “If nations cause wars, then eliminate nations!” – Create a single global government. – The only global government that will ever succeed is a monarchy called The Kingdom of God. Every other effort at globalism will fail because it is governed by imperfect men.

To “govern” is to “direct, regulate, control, restrain”. [Webster 1828] The Bible records common sense rules (i.e. laws) for governing families, churches and civil governments, as well as the individuals who govern them.

Throughout the Bible, I find only three human organizations through which God deals: Family, Church, State. Families are the building block of every civilization. The vertical relationship between families and some higher power (pagan or Christian) we call, “church”. The horizontal relationship between families and families we call, “state” or “civil government”.

Christ was asked, “What is the greatest commandment?” His reply, “Love God (vertical) and love others (horizontal).” [a paraphrase] In societies, the quality of the vertical relationship will always determine the quality of the horizontal relationship. Never the other way round!

I believe powerful “globalist” conspirators have been at work for generations. One of their tools is “dialectics”. Use the conflict between two things (a thesis & antithesis) to cause change (synthesis). Note that the issues in conflict are not important, the goal of dialectics is change (synthesis).

A simple example usen by “Jews for Jesus” in New York City for street evangelism: Two members cross the street and begin yelling derisive remarks at their team-mates. Soon a crowd gathers to observe the conflict. Whereupon a speaker mounts a box and begin preaching.

I suspect globalist conspititors are choreographing the current Crimea vs. Russia conflict in order to divert attention from “Freedom” movements. America stands in the way of a global government. Populist movements, like the recent Canadian trucker’s convoy, and the massive Trump rallies are popping up all over the world! The conspirators are trying to divert attention from them.

I encourage everyone to sign the petition [www.fix2020first.com] God’s hand is at work. Look beyond what your enemy wants you to focus upon. A good way to stay informed is to monitor (in spite of its frustrating faults!) – “The Lindell Report”, M-F noon & 7PM (eastern) –

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Ben Gilmore 1929-2023

On March 30, 2023 Ben Gilmore, the co-founder of ACHStudyGroups (co-founded with his wife Fran), went to be with the Lord in Glory.

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