2022-03-06 Reviewing vote fraud

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Monday, March 7, 2022

This is a letter to our friends –

Reviewing vote fraud

Begin by accepting that American patriotism has been diluted, but is far from dead. Some forms of vote fraud existed in every state on November 3rd, 2020. There is evidence that Trump won with around 80 million votes to Biden’s 60 million votes.

The fraud was so massive that it is hard to grasp and easy to get lost in the details. I will try to make it clear. Those who conspired to commit fraud (many groups, sub-groups, and individuals with diverse motivations, but similar goals) may have been manipulating election results for years. 2020 was the first time they were able to steal a Presidential election.

The basic fraud begins by inflating the voter rolls with names dead voters, those who have moved away, and those not qualified to vote. This creates a slush fund of votes to draw upon when needed, “ghost votes”. Add to that vote-by-mail ballots spread like candy all over the state. Next, add to the “slush fund” the names of real people who rarely vote. If they should decide to vote, they are often told, “Records show you already voted by mail.”

All of this was being discovered in November. Trump and his supporters were shouting from the housetops! They were drowned out by the press and the traitors saying, “Move along – nothing to see here.” Truth is always fighting to surface.

By January 6, 2021, there was absolute evidence of fraud. The congress was to meet, in order to certify the election. Numerous representatives and senators were prepared to block certification. Should their efforts fail, the final certification was in the hands of Vice President Pence. All that was interrupted by what appears to have been a staged event that helped the conspirators. The battle for truth continues.

A major 2020 conspiracy involves China and cyber warfare. I need to explain some internet details. –

Internet messages are sent in “packets” from computer to computer. Each internet computer has an “IP Address” (user name & worldwide location). American patriots, suspecting what was about to happen, set up to capture internet packets (PCAPS) of messages involving vote counts.

Note – A “PCAP” is like a photograph. It cannot be changed. It is what it is!

Almost every county in every state was hacked as proven by a mountain of PCAP data. Mike Lindell has spent millions of dollars having this computer language translated and certified. These data show how many votes were flipped (Trump to Biden) in each county! Anyone is free to confirm what I have said by reading evidence gathered on www.FrankSpeech.com

Unless we block further cyber vulnerability, we can never again elect our own representatives. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION NOW! — www.Fix2020First.com
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