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July 12, 2013

This is a letter to our friends –

Rejoice with us

The Lord has provided the means for Fran and I to enjoy our first vacation road-trip in decades. We will be driving a new Prius hybrid to see if the mileage claims are true. We plan being away from home for two weeks and have few “hard” date commitments!

Several thoughts come to mind as Teryn, our guest / home-sitter prepares breakfast before we leave.

I have dabbled in the social network apps and always seem to get lost. Thus – I avoid them as much as I can. This should explain why I have not responded to the many comments and invitations from our friends. E-Mail works for me – please.

I am concerned for our friends around the world, in America and for our neighborhood. Many of you appear to have decided to ignore the news, because it is so discouraging. Isn’t that exactly what your enemy would want you to do? Evil does not want righteousness to have any awareness or influence in public affairs! He wants it for himself! (POWER CORRUPTS)

The result – We hear nothing about the wonderful things God is doing around the world and nation. I see only two alternatives. – One is pretty dark – as evil divides our society to fight against ourselves and bring this experiment in civil-self-government crashing down around our ears. The other is encouraging – As the humble prayers of God-fearing people, confessing our personal and national sins, ask for mercy rather than the justice we deserve for having turned God out of our society.

Human history is full of examples of national redemption in response to prayer. I choose to pray for it!! — Prius is here – Bye…..

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We Are In This Together

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Is there an uncreated creator we call God? The answer must be either “YES” or “NO”. You have no alternative! Answering “present,” or “I don’t know,” is the same as answering, “NO”. You must choose to ignore a word of evidence to answer, “NO”.

Every other thing that is “true” rests upon that truth.

If you choose to ignore the evidence and deny there is an uncreated creator (i.e. God), You are obliged to live consistently with that belief. Trying to do so is absurd!

God created a set of rules to govern everything that exists. Outside those boundaries is chaos. Within them is peace. Humans are created with the choice to stay within, or violate those, “laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.” Violating them releases chaos, which, in turn, disturbs the peace of others.

Thus, all human conflict results from violating “the laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.”

Sing unto the Lord a new song,

sing unto the Lord, all the earth. …

Declare his glory among the heathen, (those choosing not to believe) …

He is to be feared (reverenced) above all gods.

For all the gods of the nations are idols,

But the Lord made the heavens. …

He shall judge the world with righteousness,

And the people with his truth. [Psalm 96]

These thoughts are prompted by my understanding of the rapid decline of American culture. In Old Testament history, when enough people cried out to God for help – God intervened, He raised up a righteous leader around whom the people could rally.

Many of you enjoyed Glenn Beck’s TV show on FOX NEWS. He made a fortune and invested it into building his own network. That business is debt free and is beholden to no other investors. The other networks, even FOX NEWS, are beholden to outside investors. Beck’s news broadcasts and reports are available through


His reports are covering stories the other networks will not touch. As is to be expected the other networks are attempting to smear him as a “conspiracy nut.” I am convinced “The Blaze” reporting is among the best news sources available. Currently, he is exposing sound documentation of what appears to me to be treasonous administration involvement with Saudi Arabia.

Is Glenn Beck “the” righteous leader around whom the people could rally? I believe he would say, “No.” He is just another American like, so many of us, desperately concerned for the loss of what God has done in America, to give hope to a world in darkness.

Our kids, their parents, and many of their grand-parents have little understanding of what we have lost. They do not understand the “news”, such as it is, and decide to ignore it. I know MANY really good men – fathers, business men, teachers, even pastors – who appear to me to have no clue about the cause of the chaos around them, or the price they and their family are about to pay for their ignorance and apathy. I am using these posts to shout from the house-tops! If you wish – circulate them.

The solution – Humble prayer; Seek God’s will for yourself; Replace ignorance and apathy with understanding and action. [2nd Chronicles 7:14]

A Disclaimer

In American colonial days, our “founding pastors” were used mightily in teaching biblical principles of government to their flocks. That does not appear to me to be the case today. Were our churches ablaze with righteous liberty and understanding, I believe America would again be an inspiration to the dark world. I pray that God would again raise up such men.

Pastors are a special group of people. They are servants of a different Master. One day, they must answer to the Lord, for the condition of their flock. We, you and I, are not aware of how the Lord may be leading them. I caution – Use care before criticizing a pastor.

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Signs & Times

–By Ben Gilmore

[A]ll things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. [Rom 8:28]

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works. [2 Tim 3:16-17]

What exciting times we are experiencing.  In  a short span, we have seen our American society go from prosperity, to devastation (for many), and (artificially) back again, on the heels of fiscal insanity.

We have witnessed tyrannical disregard for the wishes of “We the people”, and the coalescing of a deep seated counter movement across the nation.  Throughout these changes this column has encouraged faith and confidence.  “Faith” that everything the Lord allows to happen to and around us can be used to teach and train us about Him and his best for us.  “Confidence” in the unique foundation upon which He placed our American society.

It appears to me, we are headed for one of two alternatives.  Given: There is evidence of a firm political shift against traditional tax and spend politics:  Tea Parties;  recent Massachusetts, Virginia, New Jersey elections.

A)  The results of this shift appear to assure Republican majorities in the House and possibly the Senate next November!  All that appeared unlikely, only a year ago!  Such an event will slow, and likely reverse, our plunge into socialism, and the loss of individual and corporate liberty.

Given: Those who have taken “Liberalism” in its many forms into their bosoms as their true religion (i.e. The most significant thing in their lives.), will make any sacrifice to preserve the “advancements” they believe they have made.  They truly believe it to be for our best interests.  Among them, of course, are leaders addicted to the power they now hold.  It is a consuming addiction.

B)  The alternative result of this political shift appears to me to be equally possible.  Those in power will refuse to voluntarily relinquish it.  Uncharted territory for our American republic, at least in our past few generations.  How that refusal will manifest, is pure speculation at this point.

Our response, to either alternative should be the samefaith & confidence.

Should liberalism lose legislative power, we have a massive re-education task at hand.  We will be tempted to pridefully take credit for the overflow of public sentiment.  Overlooking the fervent prayers for the hand of God to intervene in our behalf.  In “our success” we may fail to learn and apply the proven Principles of American Government we neglected, which allowed us to fall so low!  Without faith in God’s hand, and confidence in His principles, we will lose the opportunity He has given us and drift again.

Should those in power ignore law and seek to establish tyranny as was done in Nazi Germany, we will again be called upon for faith & confidenceFaith that the hand of God will respond to the fervent prayers of American believers.  Confidence in the Judeo-Christian foundations of our American society.  The question is not, “Is this a Christian nation?”  The fact is, “THIS NATION HAS A CHRISTIAN FORM.”  That foundation is unique to our society.  I believe it will be the difference between European and American efforts to impose tyranny.

Thus – In either case:  We must turn to the Lord for our strength and guidance —  AND — We MUST learn again, the forgotten principles that make our American Christian Constitutional Republic function properly.

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