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2014-03-09 More thoughts upon homosex

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March 9, 2014

This is a letter to our friends –

More thoughts upon homosex

Thou shalt not be with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination” [Leviticus 18:22].

Today we hear much about homosex. The whole subject of gender seemed very clear to me when I was growing up. Our society today seems to be adopting a confused definition.

The Bible could not be more clear, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him, male and female created he them.”

If you do not care to accept the, “… Laws of Nature’s God” than have a look at the, “Laws of Nature …”. All of nature recognizes gender.

Further – Everything God creates has a purpose. Fulfill that purpose and find growth and life. Rebel against that purpose and find chaos and death.

Man’s purpose is to love (i.e. unselfishly will the very best for …) God and one another. Students of history can discover God’s hand in patiently teaching us how to do that. We are very slow learners!

Those who are accepting the belief that homosex is an acceptable lifestyle are choosing to believe a lie. What appears to me to be worse – They are placing man’s word above the laws of nature and of nature’s God. That appears to me to violate the 1st Commandment, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

Some will object to my equating the “laws of nature” with “the laws of God” as apparently, was done by our nation’s founders. Since both sets of law come from the same source they will never be in conflict. However: Because natural law is discovered by man’s imperfect observation and reason, while revealed law comes by direct revelation, found only in the Holy Scriptures, revealed law has infinitely greater authority.

Since those practicing homosex don’t seem to care that they are violating divine law, perhaps they should realize that they are grieving the heart of One who loves them more than they love themselves.


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For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power,

and of love, and of a sound mind

[II Timothy 1:7]

It has been my honor to write these columns since August 3, 1981 (32 years). Theme topics have, I trust, aimed at presenting sound principles upon which to evaluate our choices and govern out actions.

Our founders were correct in their belief that America could never be brought down by external forces. Rather, they warned, our vulnerability was from “within.” It is wrong to say, “America is a Christian nation because it was formed by Christians.” It is right to say, ”America is a Christian nation because it has a Christian form.

“In proportion as Americans let go of faith in the absolute power of God,

they have accepted the belief in an all powerful State.”

[Verna M. Hall, “Christian History of the Constitution …” 1960]

Human history is full of examples where groups and nations found themselves in “darkness” (i.e. graft, treason, greed, lies, corruption of all sorts). Many of those examples have joyous conclusions as pockets of people humbly confessed the darkness and turned back to the laws of nature and of nature’s God.

Such darkness is spreading across America faster and faster. Truth is fighting to the surface as it always does. News of Benghazi treason, supplying guns to Mexican drug lords and muslim brotherhood thugs, IRS intimidation of patriotic groups – Things are piling up to the point that more and more folks are saying, “ENOUGH!” There is internet monitoring – I will be embarrassed if my name is left off their list!

All that to say this – Evil people misuse power in an effort to control by fear.

· An “angry” mob seeks to intimidate with threats of violence. Keeping your cool confuses them.

· A bureaucratic agency threatens financial ruin. Doing what is right because it is right often faces them down.

· Police authority knocks to confiscate your firearms. Refusing to comply earns your day in court.

If you understand that your life, liberty and property are gifts from God – what have you to fear? Your choice is liberty under God, or slavery under men. That’s a no-brainer choice!

God has given you a “spirit of power”. [2Tim 1:7 above] If Power is flowing from within you then stand firm in it. Rebuke fear!

God has given you a “spirit of love”. [2Tim 1:7 above] If Love is flowing from within you then get your focus off of yourself and begin desiring the best for others! Rebuke fear!

God has given you a “spirit of a sound mind”. [2Tim 1:7 above] Observation and Reason are associated with your mind. Use it or lose it. Rebuke fear!

Nothing so confuses the enemy as a group of Christians rejoicing over the victory BEFORE the battle has begun!

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We Are In This Together

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Is there an uncreated creator we call God? The answer must be either “YES” or “NO”. You have no alternative! Answering “present,” or “I don’t know,” is the same as answering, “NO”. You must choose to ignore a word of evidence to answer, “NO”.

Every other thing that is “true” rests upon that truth.

If you choose to ignore the evidence and deny there is an uncreated creator (i.e. God), You are obliged to live consistently with that belief. Trying to do so is absurd!

God created a set of rules to govern everything that exists. Outside those boundaries is chaos. Within them is peace. Humans are created with the choice to stay within, or violate those, “laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.” Violating them releases chaos, which, in turn, disturbs the peace of others.

Thus, all human conflict results from violating “the laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.”

Sing unto the Lord a new song,

sing unto the Lord, all the earth. …

Declare his glory among the heathen, (those choosing not to believe) …

He is to be feared (reverenced) above all gods.

For all the gods of the nations are idols,

But the Lord made the heavens. …

He shall judge the world with righteousness,

And the people with his truth. [Psalm 96]

These thoughts are prompted by my understanding of the rapid decline of American culture. In Old Testament history, when enough people cried out to God for help – God intervened, He raised up a righteous leader around whom the people could rally.

Many of you enjoyed Glenn Beck’s TV show on FOX NEWS. He made a fortune and invested it into building his own network. That business is debt free and is beholden to no other investors. The other networks, even FOX NEWS, are beholden to outside investors. Beck’s news broadcasts and reports are available through

His reports are covering stories the other networks will not touch. As is to be expected the other networks are attempting to smear him as a “conspiracy nut.” I am convinced “The Blaze” reporting is among the best news sources available. Currently, he is exposing sound documentation of what appears to me to be treasonous administration involvement with Saudi Arabia.

Is Glenn Beck “the” righteous leader around whom the people could rally? I believe he would say, “No.” He is just another American like, so many of us, desperately concerned for the loss of what God has done in America, to give hope to a world in darkness.

Our kids, their parents, and many of their grand-parents have little understanding of what we have lost. They do not understand the “news”, such as it is, and decide to ignore it. I know MANY really good men – fathers, business men, teachers, even pastors – who appear to me to have no clue about the cause of the chaos around them, or the price they and their family are about to pay for their ignorance and apathy. I am using these posts to shout from the house-tops! If you wish – circulate them.

The solution – Humble prayer; Seek God’s will for yourself; Replace ignorance and apathy with understanding and action. [2nd Chronicles 7:14]

A Disclaimer

In American colonial days, our “founding pastors” were used mightily in teaching biblical principles of government to their flocks. That does not appear to me to be the case today. Were our churches ablaze with righteous liberty and understanding, I believe America would again be an inspiration to the dark world. I pray that God would again raise up such men.

Pastors are a special group of people. They are servants of a different Master. One day, they must answer to the Lord, for the condition of their flock. We, you and I, are not aware of how the Lord may be leading them. I caution – Use care before criticizing a pastor.

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"My ardent desire is, and my aim has been … to comply strictly with all our engagements foreign and domestic; but to keep the United States free from political connections with every other Country. To see that they may be independent of all, and under the influence of none. In a word, I want an American character, that the powers of Europe may be convinced we act for ourselves and not for others; this, in my judgment, is the only way to be respected abroad and happy at home."

George Washington, letter to Patrick Henry, 1775

Granted: It is too late to follow the wise thoughts of President Washington. (Emphasis above is mine.)

“Radicalization” has become the buzz-word of the TV talking heads since last weekend in Boston. What does it mean? Webster associates “radical” with “root” and “fundamental”. Thus – Not to be “radical” is to be “compromised”, “complex”.

Washington wrote of an “American character”. That unique character has its “roots” in “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”.

When the talking heads speak of “the radicalization of Americans”, they appear to mean the switch from “American character” to another character with different “roots” and “fundamentals”.

If one has little understanding of his own “roots and fundamentals” (i.e. principles) – It should be an easy transition to a more attractive set of principles. One of which friends, teachers and mentors approve. With little understanding of America’s “roots” what have we to compare?

It should be expected that state-run education is going to train its students in things important to the state – State perpetuation and state power.

It is to be expected that church-run education is going to train its students in things important to the church – Church perpetuation and doctrine.

It should be expected that family-run education is going to train its students in things important to the family – Character and independence.

Family, church and state each have vested interests in educating your child!

Our current public school system appears to me, to be the definition of “child abuse!” Children are being used as lab mice in various indoctrination techniques!

My experience with many church-run schools are little better than public schools, with “Jesus” and “prayer” rubber-stamped on the outside!

It is imperative we once again radicalize American youth in the roots and fundamentals of

our unique American character.

The ACH three-month online course in “Principles of American Government” begins on Monday, June 3rd and again on Monday, September 9th. Any adult or teen will profit by this course.

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A Thinking Man’s Christmas Story

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Everyone is writing Christmas posts these days. Here’s mine –


A concern – If you are one of those folks who haven’t paused to recognize that – the product shows attributes of the producer – Then do so! You can study a painting and discover things about the artist. Many have recognized that you can tell things about the software designer by working with his product. There must be an intelligent First Cause to produce intelligent design.

That First Cause has provided everything you need for life. Therefore – the First Cause is concerned for you (i.e. – has a personality). Reason and observation indicate your obligation to the First Cause. Your human nature wants to be “first.” Thus – you are holding under what you know to be true and reasonable.


A challenge – Overrule your human nature and acknowledge your obligation to the First Cause. Begin learning about His being and personality. Honestly study what He has produced. The “laws of Nature” may be discovered by observation and reason. The “laws of Nature’s God” may better be found in the Holy Scriptures. (NOTE – The divine inspiration of the Old and New Testament may also be discovered by observation and reason.)


An encouragement – Having discovered that God exists and has an awesome being and a loving personality – and – Having subordinated your personal will and appetite to your reason and submitted your reason to God – You are prepared to comprehend the beauty of the “Christmas Story.”

Since every selfish choice is a violation of the “laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” – and – since you have made such choices –You have violated the law! A penalty is due. Since everyone else has also violated the law – no one is innocent. Were there such a person, s/he could, if willing, pay the penalty in your place.

History proves there is such a person, volunteering to pay your penalty. The problem – Selfish people want to reject, deny, hold under, knowledge about Him and the truth of His accomplishments. Jesus the Christ lived an ordinary life. He illustrated for all mankind, how each of us should live – but – He never made a selfish choice. His most unselfish choice was to volunteer to pay the penalty for every selfish choice made by others.

It would be unwise to dismiss the selfish choices of those continuing to do so. Thus, His substitution for your penalty rests upon your decision to repent, ask for mercy rather than justice – and – submit your reason, will and appetite to His will.

Such a decision – accepting the rightful lordship of Jesus Christ over your will and appetite – is called, “being born again – spiritually.”


That is why we celebrate Christ’s birthday all around the world!

John Locke [1632 – 1704] was asked how a young gentleman could attain a true knowledge of the Christian religion. He replied with these golden words: “Let him study the Holy Scriptures, especially the New Testament. Therein are contained the words of eternal life. It has God for its Author, Salvation for its end, and Truth without any mixture of error for its matter.

Merry Christmas

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–By Ben Gilmore

My goal – To offer a deeper understanding of “liberty”.

To begin- God exists.  It is absurd to believe intelligence can be created by random chance.  Creation around us demands intelligent design.

Everything seen and unseen has laws (rules of action) that direct, regulate, control, restrain – that is – govern.  Step outside those natural laws – chaos!  Stay within them – peace!

Everything necessary for a human to live a peaceful, healthy life was here before people were placed upon earth.  Inanimate creation is governed by cause and effect.  Plant life is governed by photosynthesis.  Animals are governed by instinct.  Only man is governed by reason and conscienceBoth are God’s gift to humans.

Now, let us focus upon you.  Visualize yourself the only human on earth in the midst of the Garden of Eden.  A state of perfect natural freedom.  Go where you wish. Eat and sleep when you wish.  Use what is here to create as you wish.  You are limited ONLY by the “laws of nature” (gravity, fatigue, etc.).

Cherish that concept – The root of  your “unalienable Right … Liberty.

Now – Let us add another human.  This introduces another limit upon your natural liberty.  Reason and observation, the “law of Nature,” dictate that you should not violate the other person’s liberty if you want him/her not to violate yours. Violation equals chaos.

Perhaps you and the other person make a baby.  Now we have a family.  New obligations are introduced to your “liberty”.  The family unit is in a perfect state of nature, respecting other family units that have been introduced.  Reason and observation discover laws of nature to govern the family unit.

Several families join together to share tasks – hunting, gathering, shelter, etc.  A social unit is formed.  Joining such a unit must be voluntary, else liberty is violated.  Before joining, one must:  (1) Know the rules of the society and – .Once joined, have an equal voice in making and amending those rules;  (2) There must be a set means of judging violation of those rules; (3) The society must have authority to enforce penalties for violation of its rules.  All of this governance is for the purpose of preserving the natural liberty of the individual members.

Because human reason and observation so often misinterpreted the data (once they thought the earth was flat), God in His benevolence gave us the Bible (inspired word of God), which is much more difficult to misinterpret.  Thus we have, “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”.  “Natural law” and “Revealed law,” both from the same source.

The American colonists understood these concepts when they chose to create a society to protect their natural state of God-endowed liberty.

Selfishness is prone to violate other’s liberty.  Americans have permitted those violations to continue too long!  We must repair, rebuild, restore our society if we are once more to enjoy peace and liberty.  That can only be done in cooperation with the God of both Nature and the Bible.  He cannot do it alone.  We cannot do it alone.  It must be a cooperative effort.

How we choose to use our unalienableright to liberty” in governing ourselves will determine the quality of corporate self-government in our family and that of our local, county, state and national society.

America once more, has the blessed Liberty to turn from her steady drift away from “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” and once more to become a beacon of hope and righteousness for a dark and hurting world.  Let’s not waste the opportunity!

Ben Gilmore
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Let us Speculate

–By Ben Gilmore

Recently, this column has predicted a GOP landslide across the nation.  Next, we considered what a “worst case” scenario might look like.  It might be fun to speculate about what a “best case” scenario could look like :-).

First – America swaps an administration with all the signs of a traitorous Juhadist association for a patriotic moralist, likely to honor the Constitution.  Romney is predicted to have a strong House and Senate to “hold his feet to the fire” constitutionally.

Moral light exposes corruption.  We can expect “rats” to begin scurrying for cover on November 7th.  Major exposures of financial corruption can be expected.  America’s wealth has been drained.  The bleeding will stop.

As fraud and waste are skimmed off, and the regulation boot is lifted from the throat of American creativity and productivity, we may expect wealth to begin flowing once more.  Energy costs will drop rapidly (ahead of production).  Transportation and associated cost of goods sold will begin dropping across the board.  All this to say, in spite of a possible worldwide economic crash, economies will begin to grow.

Next – American society has been denied the thrill of “victory” for generations with only a few exceptions.  That denial is important in suppressing individual self-government and initiative.  This particular “victory” carries with it a major moral factor.  Society will begin paying attention.  Judges will begin upholding the law and courts will begin dealing in reason and justice.  Civil authority will regain our respect.

Third – Let us assume this is an opportunity for our society (you, me – us!) to turn from our selfishness toward the liberty “endowed by our Creator” by submitting to “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.”  Our society cannot do that alone.  God cannot do it alone.

If He chooses to open the floodgates of Heaven and pour out His Holy Spirit upon America as our society is turning toward Him, the combination will reveal our “enemies” to be the paper tigers I believe them to be.  America’s beacon tower will once more shine bright before a suffering world.

Even those who say they hate us are, I believe, secretly crying for America to repent and sail a true course.  As their hope is restored, we may expect popular movements for God-centered liberty to sweep south-east Asia (China), then the Indian sub-continent, and finally the Moslem world.

Such a movement in a short time, creates a wave of righteousness that grows and spreads as it sweeps across Europe and north Africa, the Atlantic, and back across America again!  There will still be selfish, evil people – but – They will be subordinated by the righteous.

Many will believe we have reached the “millennium”.  Not so!  Every tidal wave has an ebb tide.  Biblical end-time prophesy will not be denied.  However worldwide righteousness could exist for a short time.

It is fun to speculate!

Ben Gilmore
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Musings of an Old Political Warhorse

–By Ben Gilmore

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. It is so easy to get caught up in trivia and miss focusing upon the critical thing(s). If we go into hyper-inflation and trucks and trains no longer deliver goods, we won’t even be able to buy condoms!

The critical focus of the current issue — The president does not have the authority to dictate what can be supplied by stores or insurance companies. His authority and that of his administration is limited by the U.S. Constitution.

The members of Congress and the Supreme Court are failing in their oaths to protect and preserve that Constitution by not yanking on his leash!

One authoritative step outside those limits becomes tyranny. Accepting such tyranny makes slaves of free men. He was “hired” to work within the predefined limits of the job.

The Tea Party freshmen elected in 2010 were not given a vote in their congressional leadership (Speaker John Bohner). Yet he took office because of the majority they created. As a result, they were “neutered” in many respects, by politicians more interested in status quo than “sudden and relentless reform!” ( To quote Gov. Sarah Palin).

Many folks say they are tired of “endless political bickering.” It appears to me they, and most bickering politicians, miss the critical point. America is in the final stages of a decades-long battle between liberty and slavery.

Forget “Politics is the art of compromise”. Liberty and slavery cannot exist at the same time! There is no compromise with slavery!

John Locke [1632 – 1704] had a profound impact upon America, as Colonial pastors preached the truths in his writings.

“… [W]hat state all Men are naturally in, and that is, a State of perfect Freedom, to order their Actions, and dispose of their Possessions, and Persons as they think fit, within the bounds of the Law of Nature, without asking leave, or depending upon the Will of any other man.”

The earth is a stage, upon which God has placed man, to act out his destiny. If you were the only one on the “stage”, you would discover that God had abundantly supplied everything you needed to sustain your life – “A state of Perfect freedom”.

“The State of Nature has a Law of Nature to govern it, which obliges everyone : And Reason, which is that Law, teaches all Mankind, who will but consult it, that being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his Life, Health, Liberty or Possessions.”

Another English writer, William Blackstone [1723 – 1780] , “Father of the Legal profession”, wrote of this Law of Nature in “Commentaries”.

“He [God] laid down certain immutable laws of human nature, whereby that free will is in some degree regulated and restrained, and gave him also the faculty of reason to discover the purport (i.e. “design or meaning”)of those laws.”

Blackstone continues to define another set of laws – “Revealed Law”.

“The doctrines thus delivered we call the revealed or divine law, and they are found only in the Holy Scriptures. These precepts, when revealed, are found upon comparison to be really a part of the original law of nature, as they tend in all their consequences to man’s felicity. (i.e. “great happiness”) … Yet undoubtedly the revealed law is of infinitely more authenticity than … natural law.”

Blackstone makes the point that “Natural Law” and “Revealed Law” will never be in conflict, because they come from the same source (God). One more quote from John Locke, that our forefathers understood well.

“For Men being all the Workmanship of one Omnipotent and infinitely wise Maker : whose Workmanship they are, made to last during his, not one another’s Pleasure”

Lastly, consider the “Declaration of Independence”:

“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them…”

This is a time for every American to set aside bickering and pride. Each of us has a different task to perform in defense of our corporate liberty. No doubt, each task will come with a price. One requiring a change in priorities.

There is no place on the fence. Choose your side and prepare to battle for the soul of America.

For His-story & Government
Ben Gilmore

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